Protecting your home from flooding

With winter around the corner if pays to be prepared. If you are in an area prone to flooding he use of sandbags will reduce the risk of damage from flooding. It is unlikely that sandbags will block the water completely but they will definitely help reduce the amount that enters a building.

  • When you purchase sandbags they should be two thirds full and are likely to have been tied at the top for transportation purposes.

  • Before using you will need to undo the ties.

  • Before you lay the sandbags you should lay down a sheet of polythene to provide a water proofing membrane.  

  • Lay sandbags like brickwork on top of the plastic sheeting.

  • Start at one end and work to the other end.

  • Ensure the unfilled top part of the bag is covered by the next bag.

  • Tuck flap under the bag at the end of the row.

  • Stagger rows so that the joins don’t line up.

  • Flatten down the sandbag row before adding the next row which will help you build a better structure.


When the flooding recedes you should dispose of the sandbags as they may be contaminated by the dirty water.