Many are surprised to learn that turf can be harvested and laid all year round. It is actually advantageous to avoid extended periods of hot and dry summer weather which require additional care and regular watering. If there is an optimum time to lay turf then it is early autumn when the soil is moist and the predictable frequent rainfall will help establish it. However, we are not saying you can’t lay turf during the winter months and laying in winter still gives your turf plenty of time to settle and root before spring arrives. You will not normally be required to water the newly laid turf in the winter, saving time and money plus the turf rolls keep longer in colder, damp conditions before needing to be laid, up to three days, more if frozen.

Even frost is not detrimental to the turf. Although turf can't be harvested or laid on frozen ground it doesn't do any damage to it once it has been laid. The fact that turf is unaffected by frozen conditions means even if your turf roll freezes it will keep for days or even weeks and once the frost has lifted can be laid as normal on to thawed ground. If you order shortly before a freeze we will be happy to postpone your order as long as the turf has not been harvested or despatched.